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                            Outstanding Alumni
                            Many graduates from the School of Astronautics have become the leaders in the aerospace industry as well as other fields
                            Song Jian, the former State Councilor
                            Academician Luan Enjie, the former director of the National Space Agency
                            General Li Jinai, the director of PLA General Political Department
                            Lieutenant General Hu Shixiang, the former vice minister of PLA General Armament Department
                            Ma Xingrui, the manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
                            Academician Liu Zhusheng, the chief designer of CZ-2F launch vehicle
                            Yang Baohua, the director of Chinese Academy of Space Technology
                            Zhang Bainan, the chief designer of the system of Shenzhou 7 spacecraftr
                            Zhang Simin, the president of Hai Wang Corporation
                            Gao Qunyao, the vice president of Global News Corporation